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100 Years of Nordisk Film
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Varenavn: 100 Years of Nordisk Film
Varenummer 620

Udgivet i 2006

100 Years of Nordisk Film marks the 100th anniversary of Nordisk Film Kompagni – one of the oldest existing film companies in the world. It is a collection of papers presented at the Danish Film Institute at a seminar held in June, 2006 and includes the material from two lectures held in November in the same year.

This anthology highlights important aspects of the company throughout its 100 years of existence: the significance periods and events, the important people and the films that made an impact, including lesser-known areas of the company’s history, such as early screenwriting, post production throughout the century, and the production of short films and documentaries in the 1940s and 1950s.

An overview of the company’s history throughout the century is provided by the editors as an introduction to the 10 essays in this book:

The contributors are:
David Bordwell (USA); Isak Thorsen; Maguerite Engberg; Stephan Michael Schroder (Germany); Casper Tybjerg; Ib Bondebjerg; Peter Schepelern; Niels Jørgen Dinnesen and Edvin Vestergaard Kau; Thomas C. Christensen; Dan Nissen and Lisbeth Ritcher Larsen.

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