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Dance for me
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Varenavn: Dance for me
Varenummer 610

Produktionsår: 2012
Sprog og tekster: Engelsk med dansk tale
Spilletid: 1 time 20 min.
Instruktør: Katrine Philp

14-year-old Mie is an elite dancer. When her partner stops dancing, her family decides to search for a new partner abroad. Russian Egor finds out that his mother has set up a try out for him, and if this turns out well, Egor will travel to Denmark. Since May 2011, he has lived with Mie and her parents in Denmark, where everything indicates that they are the perfect match on the dance floor. In Mie's home, however, problems are piling up. The family has suddenly gained a new member, and had it not been for the growing success, Egor would probably have been put on a plane back to his mum by now.

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