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Importing Asta Nielsen
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Varenavn: Importing Asta Nielsen
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The International Film Star in the Making 1910-1914
Editors: Martin Loiperdinger and Uli Jung

In this second volume of KINTop, Studies in Early Cinema thirty-two international experts on early cinema provide case studies from 22 countries on Asta Nielsen’s significance in a pivotal period of film history in the years before the First World War. Asta Nielsen was the first renowned film star of the long-feature format. Like a brand, her name was inextricably connected with the films in which she played a leading role. Her international career rested on three exclusive “Asta Nielsen series” directed by Urban Gad, a steady flow of films which were exported from Berlin into many countries around the globe. Asta Nielsen’s international success relied heavily on the activities of, respectively, national or regional film distributors who catered to major cinemas in big cities and contracted long runs for her films. The contributions to this volume indicate the essential stimulus which her strategies in film distribution had on the emergence of the international film star, in a period of transition from short film programmes to the dominance of the long-feature film.

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