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Preserve then show
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Varenavn: Preserve then show
Varenummer 619

Udgivet i 2002
Redigeret af: Dan Nissen, Lisbeth Richter Larsen, Thomas C. Christensen og Jesper Stub Johnsen

Preserve Then Show includes the papers presented at a seminar held in November 2001 at the Danish Film Institute. The occasion was the 60th anniversary of the foundation of a film museum in Denmark and the subject was preservation and restoration of motion picture films.

One of the main purposes was to bring two worlds together whose aims ought to be the same, but whose starting points differ. On one hand we have the scientist speaking of preservation from the conservationist’s point of view, and the other, the film historian dealing with the philosophical details in the restoration of a single film.

This anthology brings together some of the leading research that is currently being conducted on preservation – e.g. new studies on nitrate preservation, reports on restoration of selected films and early experiments with sound. Also the story of the first Danish film archive is told.

With contributions from Paolo Cherchi Usai, Casper Tybjerg, Jean-Louis Bigourdan, Peter Z, Adelstein, Paul Read, Tim Padfield, Rudolf Gschwind, Gabrielle Claes, Martin Koerber, Marguerite Engberg and the staff of the Danish Film Institute, Preserve Then Show is a valuable anthology on film preservation and restoration.

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