Red Desert
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Varenavn: Red Desert
Varenummer 693

Produktion: Italien, 1964
Spilletid: 117 min.
Sprog: Italiensk
Undertekster: Dansk
Tilladt til børn over 15 år

Red Desert tells the story of Giuliana (Monica Vitti), a Young married woman suffering a mental and emotional crisis and embarking tentatively on an affair. Vitti - Antonioni´s lover and muse, and the star of his earlier films L'avventura, Richard Harris also stars as the restless Young man WHO finds himself drawn to her.

Italy´s industrial landscape is renderet both beautiful and apocalyptic in Antonioni´s hands. Red Desert was a deserved Winner of the Golden Lion at the 1964 Venice Film Festival and a high point in modern cinema.

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Red Desert

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