Treasures from Thorshøjgaard
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Varenavn: Treasures from Thorshøjgaard
Varenummer 680

Indeholder følgende to film

Good Things Await:
Produktion 2014
Spilletid 96 min.
Sprog: Dansk
Tekster: Engelsk

Songs From The Soil:
Produktion 2014
Spilletid 38 min.
Uden dialog m. engelsk music

Fra instruktøren Phie Ambo

"I am pleased to present two films from Thorshøjgaard - a biodynamic farm in Denmark that I love. This farm is quite Unique. Here, all organisms are given the Space to live and enrich each other, and I knew from the moment I saw it, that I could not possibly embrace this magic place in just on film. Therefore I chose to shoot two different films at the same time and place. Good Things Await is the story about Niels Stokholm and his wife Rita who, in spite of opposition from the authorities, run their farm with great love for all living in and on the ground. Songs From the Soil is a film without dialogue, but with music by Arvo Pärt. I made this film to pay tribute to the biodiversity on the farm.

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Treasures from Thorshøjgaard

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